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Tue, Oct 10


Via Zoom

Virtual Book Launch

Unleash your love for poetry and your passion for pups at the virtual book launch of Poetry for Pups, a book of poems especially dedicated to dogs and their humans.

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Virtual Book Launch
Virtual Book Launch

Time & Location

Oct 10, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Via Zoom

About The Event

Unleash your love for poetry and your passion for pups at the virtual book launch of Poetry for Pups, a book of poems especially dedicated to dogs and their humans. 

Join us online as we celebrate the magical bond between humans and their four-legged companions through heartfelt verses. Meet the poet, illustrator, connect with fellow dog lovers, and discover the power of words to touch both hearts and paws. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and perhaps even serenaded by the enchanting verses of "Poetry for Pups." 

We are also really pleased and honored to have William "Bill" Warrior who will be joining us to tell us about the story of Lilly Roxane, an incredible deaf and blind rescue dog whom Bill loved and worked with for many years. Bill had been a field officer with City of Palo Alto Police Department Animal Control Division from 1979 to 2020, highly passionate about dogs and an accomplished author who have published multiple stories and books.

Join us via Zoom for the exciting book launch debut!

ID: 84235127508

We can't wait to "meet" you all at the event! 

The reviews are in - here is an editorial review from Literary Titan!  “Susan Seah’s Poetry for Pups is an endearing collection of poems that beautifully captures the essence of our beloved canine companions and the profound connections we share with them. Through relatable scenarios and down-to-earth descriptions, Seah weaves a heartfelt narrative that is sure to evoke laughter, nods of agreement, and even tears from dog owners and enthusiasts alike. The poems are thoughtfully complemented by charming illustrations that enhance the overall reading experience. This book exhibits a wide emotional spectrum, ranging from playful poems celebrating joyful moments with our furry friends to more poignant pieces addressing the loss of our cherished companions. Seah’s remarkable talent lies in her ability to take seemingly simple language and structure and infuse it with genuine emotion, creating poems that resonate with authenticity. As a fellow dog owner, I found myself deeply connecting with the sentiments expressed in these verses. The writing style is accessible and approachable for a broad readership, maintaining engagement without sacrificing the heartfelt emotion that tugs at our heartstrings. Poetry for Pups is a must-read for dog lovers, as it captures the essence of the human-canine relationship and celebrates the joy, laughter, and emotional depth that dogs bring to our lives. Whether you’re a devoted dog owner or simply appreciate the beauty of this special bond, this collection is sure to leave a lasting impression. With its heartfelt storytelling and genuine emotion, Susan Seah’s debut is a delightful and heartening tribute to our furry best friends.” ~ Literary Titan

About Susan Seah, author of Poetry for Pups

One of Susan Seah’s greatest joys is trying to be a tiger mommy to her adorable beagle pups, but often finding herself surrendering to their whims and fancies. From the moment she became a dog mom over two decades ago, her life has been filled with adventures, inspiration, and unconditional love from her fur babies. When she is not hanging out with her pups, Susan is a corporate and technology lawyer, and has been featured in various magazines and other news sources for her work to empower women, particularly as the CEO and Founder of The Koa Club.

About Morgan Boyle, illustrator for Poetry for Pups

Morgan Boyle has always enjoyed being around dogs and was lucky enough to find his sweet little beagle Koa, who is a joy in his life.  His background in art and photography allows him to share a glimpse into his fondness for his canine companions.   He has publicly displayed his photographic work at the Canon Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii through the “Vision and Discovery”, an event sponsored by Pacific New Media.  He was also selected to display his photography three years in a row at “Contemporary Photography in Hawaii”, an annual surveyed exhibition of juried works.

About William Warrior, guest author

If you think dog-catching is only everything you ever saw watching Lady & The Tramp, then William and Pamela Warrior may challenge your assumptions.  William was a field officer with City of Palo Alto Police Department Animal Control Division from 1979 to 2020.  In a career spanning four decades and 80,000 calls for service, and with wise counsel from his veterinary-nurse wife Pamela, Bill & Pam together are participant in the grand tapestry of life in our fair San Francisco Bay Area community.  From this island paradise in our ecosystem, the animal kingdom’s highs and lows are sometimes heart-rending, sometimes joyous, and always an opportunity to witness an ongoing inter-species passion play from a place and from occupations like no other. Bill & Pam hope to share this wondrous view, offering a perspective on their work that has blessed them with the adventure of a lifetime.

Learn more about William Warrior at Roxanagraphs.

Poetry for Pups

Learn more about Poetry for Pups: Home | Poetry For Pups

Book available for purchase at: Poetry for Pups: 9798350908312: Seah, Susan, Boyle, Morgan: Books

Poetry for Pups by Susan Seah, Morgan Boyle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Poetry for Pups by Susan Seah | BookBaby Bookshop

Also, available for sale at, Indigo, Books-a-million, Target, Walmart, and most bookstores.

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